Why a web-site?

While it is undeniable that women have always been attentive to their lives and health, men and their specific questions are still in the shadow. Many of them feel lost or helpless when it comes to dealing with health problems that are specific to the male gender and that concern sexuality, fertility, not to mention prevention or a simple medical examination of their prostate. Indeed, men and their bodies are still taboo today or subject to stereotypes and misunderstanding.

Urologist-andrologists deal with all health-related problems that concern men of all ages and throughout their lives, which are many and complex:

  • Sexuality and erectile dysfunction, which have increasingly become a subject of discussion in many forum s since the arrival of effective and safe drugs. However, we often forget that erectile function is most of all a true barometer of men's health status.
  • The extraordinary effectiveness of medicaments and the treatment of male infertility, as well as the rapid advances made in medically- assisted reproduction with in vitro fertilization (IVF/ICSI), have led to amazing developments and brought many couples to consultation.
  • Male contraception and the taboos associated with potency and castration are still relevant when there is a need for vasectomy or vaso- vasostomy.
  • In adolescents and young adults, the pain and symptoms associated with prostate inflammation and testicular abnormalities or disorders (pressure, nodules) are often at the forefront and require effective and reassuring management , particularly in connection with a possible cancer.
  • In mature age, the clinical and ultrasound examination of the prostate , as well as PSA ( prostate specific antigen ) blood test s, become necessary for the screening and diagnosis of benign prostatic diseases (inflammation, hypertrophy), but also, and above all, of prostate cancer, whose early diagnosis can save the patient 's life.
  • Furthermore, it is around age 50 that most men start worrying about their libido and try to replace their lack of testosterone or DHEA by resorting to anti-aging treatments in order to delay the aging of their bodies. In this regard, hormone replacement therapies are no t dangerous or harmful if properly controlled and medically prescribed. They may even be beneficial for the general well -being of men and for the prevention of senescence.

Considering the complexity of male problems and the difficulty, and sometimes reticence, many men have in talking about it, I elected to set up a personal website , but also to open up a dialogue and help men of all ages and with any kind of problem if not to find an answer, at least to become aware of the importance of preventing and treating some urological conditions.

Our century is characterized by a quest for health at all costs. So, why not men's health?


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