• November 2013: "Recurrent cystitis in women: basta qua!",
    Société Nautique of Geneva, Cologny

  • June 2012: "Male impotence", Medical Center Lignon, Geneva

  • February 2012: "Erectile Dysfunction: which treatments are currently available and how to approach this delicate issue with your clients?"

  • September 2009: Conference at Lions Club's annual event: Testosterone, Prostate and Andropause: Where are we in 2010?

  • November 2009: Participation and presentation at SAAAM (Swiss Academy for Anti-Aging Medicine): "Testosterone & Andropause"

  • Dr Alain Bitton is lecturer at the Faculty of Medicine of Geneva for the teaching delivered within the framework of his degree in clinical sexology for the following courses:
    - anatomy and physiology of the male sexual function
    - anejaculation and delayed ejaculation
    - erectile dysfunction

  • Course delivered to interns for training on critical care medicine at the La Tour Hospital concerning emergency care in urology

  • Course delivered to pharmacists within the framework of the "Pfizer Academy" training on overactive bladder, micturition and sexual disorders

  • Mandate of expert for the revision of the chapter "Reproductive System" of the "Encyclopdie visuelle de la Santé" QA International, Publication Quebec, Canada 2008-2009

  • Lecturer at the Faculty of Geneva within the framework of the module "Sexual functions and dysfunctions" of the degree course in Clinical Sexology

  • Course delivered to pharmacists within the framework of the "Pfizer Academy": Overactive bladder and incontinence: 12.11.08, Geneva

  • Symposium National de la Swiss Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine-SAAAM: October 30, 2008. Location: Hôtel de Chavannes-Best Western. Andropause and anti-age medicine. By Dr. Alain Bitton , FMH, urologist, Geneva . http://www.saaam.org/event/NationalSymp.htm

  • Participation as expert urologist-andrologist at the TV program "Parenthèse Radio" on 10.04.2008. Subject: Paedophilia and new hormonal treatments.

  • Course delivered during the Journée Romande de Phytothérapie: Phytotherapeutic prescriptions in aged urological patients

  • Academic year 2008: Inter-university diploma in male infertility and reproduction medicine: University of Montpellier and Toulouse

  • 2007: Maurice Chalumeau Award obtained for the preparation of the best report on Clinical Sexology

  • December 2007: New Trends on Longevity Medicine & Aesthetic Procedures: Geneva

  • November 2007: 10th Congress of the European Society for Sexual Medicine: Lisbon

  • November 2007: Neuchâtel / Cystitis – Treatment in General Practice – Congress for Primary Care Physicians

  • October 2007: Tribune Médicale – Workshops for Internists and General Practitioners in cooperation with Dr D. Faltin, FMH Gynaecologist

  • 20.09.07: Phytotherapy in prostate diseases. Course delivered within the framework of training on phytotherapy. University of Lausanne. http://www.sspm.org/aktuell/files/2007/10/compl.html

  • September 2007: Phytotherapy and prostate diseases: real interest or swindle? Course delivered at the University of Lausanne within the framework of the continuous education activities organized by the Swiss Society of Phytotherapy

  • September 2007: Andropause – Myth or reality? Symposium held in cooperation with Dr F. Luzuy, FMH Gynaecologist and Prof. Proust, Ageing Centre, Genolier Clinic

  • June 2007: Bern - Advisory board on erectile dysfunction – New challenges, new concepts

  • March 2007: Urologisches Pflege Winter Symposium – Davos - Fertilität und Sexualität nach Chemotherapie

  • March 2007: Emergency procedures in urology – Course for Internists in Surgery and Medicine - Hôpital La Tour Meyrin – Geneva

  • January and June 2007: Geneva-Neuchâtel "Doctor, is it really my fault?" Continuous education program for General Practitioners and Internists on the treatment of erectile dysfunction in cardiology and urology, in cooperation with Dr M. Rabeus, Medical Director, Genolier

  • January 2007: Neuchâtel - Continuous education for Primary Care Physicians. The overactive bladder: which assessment, which treatment?

  • January 2007: Lucerne – Education for medical delegates on the reasons for the treatment and approach to erectile dysfunction in the general practitioner's office. Presentation of a new concept: the decision-making tree

  • November 2006: Geneva, Lausanne - "The prostate, a definitely not-so-useless organ". Symposium for Pharmacists – Pfizer Academy

  • November 2006: Education for the Swiss Society of Pharmacists. Course on the physiopathology and mechanism of action of 5-Phospodiesterase Inhibitors in the treatment of men suffering from erectile dysfunction. Geneva, Lausanne

  • September 2006: Education for medical delegates on the treatment of erectile dysfunction . Lugano

  • September 2006: Treatment of erectile dysfunction from the general practitioner's point of view. Centre médical des Eaux-vives, Geneva . Education for general practitioners

  • August 2006: Round Table of Experts on Erectile Dysfunction : Corpus Cavernosum Rehabilitation. Paris

  • December 2005: Group of experts on the treatment of erectile dysfunction , Copenhagen

  • December 2005: Interactive Workshop: What do we know of a man suffering from impotence? Urology: Dr A. Bitton, Sexology: Dr D. Chatton; Cardiology: Dr M. Rabeus

  • November 2005: "The prostate, a XXI century star": Presentation at the Aerospace Medicine Congress in cooperation with Claude Nicolier, Swiss astronaut (Geneva)

  • June 2005: "The stampede" - Presentation and discussion of the most important aspects of the somatic and sexological treatment of erectile dysfunction (Geneva)

  • June 2005: Prevention of prostate cancer and new therapeutic approaches (Geneva)

    •  May 2005: "Sex and Health": Urological treatment of erectile dysfunction (Yverdon), in cooperation with Prof. W. Pasini, Geneva , and Dr. G. Salem, Lausanne

  • May 2005: Expert Forum Tribune Médicale: Treatment of erectile dysfunction. Participants: Dr. F. Sommer, Cologne , Dr. Binder, Frauenfeld. Dr. A. Bitton, Geneva

  • May 2005: Expert Rapport for the study of benign prostatic hyperplasia ( Geneva ), in cooperation with P. Teillac, EAU Secretary

  • April 2005: Male depression and sexuality (Geneva)

  • March 2005: Use of Phytotherapy in Medical Practice. Urological aspects: Dr. A. Bitton
  • March 2005: Training course for internists: emergency care and procedures in urology (Hôpital de la Tour, Meyrin, Geneva)
  • March 2005: Role of phytotherapy in the treatment of prostate diseases

  • January 2005: Bone complications in advanced prostate cancers (uro-onco group, Geneva)

  • November 2004: "Male Health: public thematic presentation on male problems, and specifically on erectile dysfunction and andropause"

  • November 2004: Advisory Board - Finasteride and Benign Prostate Hyperplasia

  • February 2004: Update on prostate diseases (conference presentation delivered jointly with Dr. S. Regusci, FMH Urologist)

  • November 2002: Assessment and treatments (including new alternative methods) in benign prostate hyperplasia

  • November 2002: Training course on urinary incontinence, diagnostic urodynamics and urinary infections (conference presentation delivered jointly with Dr. R. Rottenberg, FMH Gynaecologist, Geneva )

  • June 2002: Treatment of erectile dysfunction: challenges and frustrations

  • June 2002: Clinical, urodynamic and radiological assessment in the diagnosis and treatment of prolapses and urinary incontinence in women (in cooperation with Dr. H. Kahn, radiologist)

  • May 2002: Role of the Primary Care Physician in the diagnosis and treatment of prostate cancer (in cooperation with Dr. S. Regusci)

  • Microscopic Haematuria: how deep to investigate?

  • Case Study: The PSA Test: When? Who? Why?

  • April 2002: Urology – Selected Excerpts

  • March 2002: Common urological problems in daily practice: when and why referring to the specialist?

  • October 2001: Haematurias – Is it always pathological?


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